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Pulse Dye Laser Acne Treatment | Morehead City NC | Jacksonville NC

Laser Acne and Acne Scar Treatment
Laser Acne and Acne Scar Treatment | Jacksonville and Morehead City, NC

The best method of treating acne scarring is prevention. Should other methods, such as topical creams or ointments, or antibiotics fail to help control a bad acne breakout there is a laser that may help.

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Improve Acne Scars and Breakouts at CC4PS

The Pulse Dye Laser can help clear up acne and reduce inflammation giving you a clearer complexion. The laser triggers an enzyme in the most common bacteria which causes acne and causes the bacteria to self destruct. The treatments have minimal discomfort and no downtime. Improvement can be seen in as little as a single treatment.

You can reduce the appearance of acne scars with the cutting-edge laser treatment systems at Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery. The Smartskin Fractional CO2 Laser, PicoSure Laser, and the Icon 1540 nm Laser all break-up scar tissue and promote the production of new collagen and elastic ultimately resulting in smoothing out of existing acne scars. At the time of your consultation your skin will be evaluated for which laser can best treat your specific problem.

Most of these laser treatments are non-invasive, with the typical treatment lasting approximately 15- 20 minutes. There is minimal to no down time, letting you get back to your life immediately. Schedule a consultation at our Jacksonville or Morehead City, North Carolina, office or contact us at (252) 222-5888 to find out which treatment can clear up your skin. 

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