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What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

There are many reasons women have breast augmentation surgery. Perhaps you lost size, lift, or the shape of your breasts changed after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many women have uneven breasts or don’t like the shape and want symmetry or a

When Will You Need to Replace Your Breast Implants?

a woman in a black bra who has had a procedure from a plastic surgeon
Thousands of women choose breast augmentation as a permanent and natural-looking way to get the bust they want. But how permanent are breast implants? There is a commonly accepted idea that breast implants need to be changed out every 10

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What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

picture of woman in her bra ready to get a consult in jacksonville about breast augmentation
  Thousands of women choose breast augmentation for larger, more proportionate breasts every year. If you’re unsatisfied with the look, size, or shape of your breasts, implants may be able to help you. Like all forms of surgery, breast augmentation

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How You Can Get a Natural Appearance from Your Breast Augmentation

A close up of a woman's chest in a sports bra
Breast augmentation is an excellent way to boost your confidence and get the look you’ve always wanted. Many women have reservations when deciding whether or not they should get breast augmentations, though. No one wants the obvious “worked on” look.


Key Differences Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Procedures

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  At Carolinas Center for Plastic Surgery in North Carolina, we help patients gain confidence — and love every part of their body. Many women have an interest in breast enhancement, and we offer several procedures at our clinic, such as


Breast Augmentation – Cosmetics

Hundreds of thousands of patients choose breast augmentation every year to achieve their aesthetic goals. This procedure is one of the most popular and can be customized to fit all kinds of beauty goals. With breast implants, you can add